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Increase production by reducing down time with the cordless, SpliceMAX™ butt joint welder.

SpliceMAX Product belt welder


Welcome to SpliceMAX

By iSolve of Virginia


The SpliceMAX™ belt splicer/welder repairs polyurethane belts in under two minutes safely and effectively. This durable left or right hand operation tool performs 10-15 welds (depending on belt size) on a single charge of batteries.


The SpliceMAX™ belt splicer/welder is lightweight and easy to use.  It can weld belts of many different sizes  and shapes, accommodating belt sizes from 1/16" (3.17mm) up to 5/8" (18mm) round, B Section V, A Section Twin V, and flat belts up to 1.5" (38mm).



  • Lightweight

  • Retractable Heating Element

  • LED power indicator

  • Cools Quickly



iSolve of Virginia is the inventor and sole manufacturer of the patented SpliceMAX.  Our company continues to build on a history of commitment to our customers, our shareholders, our associates and the communities in which we live and work.  Our mission is to help our customers drive greater productivity by drastically reducing downtime and continually rethinking, retooling and optimizing for a more productive tomorrow.


SpliceMAX belt welder kit

Tel: 540-840-3035

6836 Old Courthouse Rd. Spotsylvania, VA

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